On Viking Calendar you can get an overview of all upcoming viking markets worldwide within the next year.


Markets are listed chronologically in a simple layout, so you can see when the next markets are happening and when markets are popping up throughout the year.


On the map you can get an overview of where in the world markets will take place and which ones are near you.


When you click on one of the markets listed, you will find links to the market itself, the organizers and the venue, so you can find more information or contact the organizers.


Viking Calendar is created by Jonas Lau Markussen — www.jonaslaumarkussen.com



The long story short


I am an illustrator and graphic designer with an interest in the Viking Age and has recently been wanting to attend a few viking markets.


However, it was hard to get a good overview of all markets and where and when they occur.


Therefore, I have made this website, which I hope will make it easier for both you and me to find the markets.


You can submit a market here or give praise and criticism or simply get in touch here.


Jonas Lau Markussen